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Superior Heating & Cooling Management - Haines City, FL

Furnace Repair and A/C Contractors near Haines City, Florida

Haines City, Florida, is only 12 miles from our HVAC repair shop in Auburndale, and is one of the communities we routinely visit to carry out maintenance, repairs and replacements of residential air conditioning systems.

If you have an air conditioning emergency such as the cooling system breaking down in the middle of the summer, then we will be with you on the day you call. We realize how vital it is to have a proper flow of cool air in all homes during the Florida hot season.

For repairs we will endeavor to get to your property within two hours of you calling us. The first thing our technicians will do is check over the system, diagnose the fault, and present the customer with a solution complete with a cost estimate. If the home owner agrees, we will perform the work there and then if possible.

It may be that we have to return to the shop in Auburndale for a part, or order a piece of equipment to complete the job. If we have to order, we can get the part from a local warehouse so we will be able to finish the work that day.

Among the ac problems you might encounter are low refrigerant levels, capacitors, relays, heat strips, evaporator coils and blower motors. Simple problems will take about 30 minutes to repair, more complicated problems can take up to two hours.

At Superior Heating & Cooling Management we deal exclusively with residential properties and that includes working with local realtors. If a realtor wants an honest opinion of the state of a furnace or ac unit, we are known for our integrity and will report exactly what the situation is. We pride ourselves on being realtor friendly.

So for all your heating service and air conditioning needs in and around Haines City, contact Superior Heating & Cooling Management on (863) 588-0954 today.

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