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Superior Heating & Cooling Management - Lake Wales, FL

HVAC Repair and Air Conditioning Service near Lake Wales, Florida

It is absolutely essential that your home has a fully-functioning air conditioning system in the heat and humidity of Florida. At Superior Heating & Cooling Management we have a team of experts who are committed to ensuring your property stays cool and comfortable even during the most sweltering days of summer.

Although we are based in Auburndale, Florida, our technicians are happy to travel to all the communities in the nearby area, including the city of Lake Wales, 21 miles away. We operate a mobile business for residential customers only and we respond to all calls, including same day service for emergencies.

The company has been established in the area since 1991 and the cornerstone of our business is the repair and replacement of air conditioning systems. All the systems we install, and the maintenance work we carry out, comes complete with a one year guarantee or warranty, a one year free labor cost, plus manufacturer’s warranty on appliance.

We offer yearly service plans for all ac systems and we always stress to clients that, depending on the size of their home, filters should be changed on average every 30 days. Maintenance on all aspects of the system, including the ducts, evaporator coils and condenser coils, is key to catching problems before they become major.

At Superior Heating & Cooling Management we do a lot of work with realtors and consider ourselves a realtor friendly company. If a house is put up for sale, we will check out the air conditioning and the heating units to ensure they are in good order, and we will give the realtor an honest opinion of the system based on our inspection.

If you are in Lake Wales and you need the services of a first class air conditioning and heating contractor to repair any ac problem you have, then make sure you contact Superior Heating & Cooling Management. We are available on (863) 588-0954.

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